3 Important Things to Bear in Mind Before Juicing

3 Important Things to Bear in Mind Before Juicing

Juicing has been catching on with people looking for alternative ways to diet at a remarkable pace in recent times, with proponents touting its many health benefits, especially its richness in micronutrients, otherwise hard to replicate in a normal diet. All this aside, there are certain things you must keep in mind before going wild with this new dieting fad:

Juicing strips produce of its fiber content
The fiber in our food is not recognized as much as it should be for the critical role it plays in digestive functions. Fiber prevents constipation and a host of dangerous bowel related disorders. Stripping fruits and vegetables of it, the main sources of fiber in our diet, removes a major nutrient and significantly weakens the nutritional value of the produce. 

It leads to a notably higher calorie intake 
With most of the fiber and pulp removed, juices tend to make you feel less full as compared to eating the fruits and vegetables. Besides, the juice has most of the calorie content of the fruits and vegetables, and when you drink juice, you effectively consume more produce than you would have on eating them, upping your calorie intake.

The loss of freshness destroys micronutrients
The key micronutrients in fresh produce are the antioxidants and vitamins, which are retained in them as long as they remain fresh and undamaged. Juicing is often done in bulk with the juice stored for later use, effectively destroying many of the essential nutrients in them.

Juicing may be hip and fun, but it's not as healthy as it's touted to be. You're better off eating more fruits and vegetables to extract the maximum benefit you can from them.


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