Microwave- healthy or not ?

Microwave- healthy or not ?

Microwave is definitely one of the most popular kitchen appliances, because it is extremely fast and practical.
A lot of people are using it, but there are those who think that microwave is very harmful. Are they wrong or not?

We completely understand people who are worried when it comes to using a microwave, because it is a form of radiation. What you need to know is that it is a part of electromagnetic spectrum which is not used only for radio waves for example, but also for mobile phones, radar, etc. 

Different materials react to microwave in various ways, so you should know that glass for example will not have the same reaction as plastics or any other material.
When it is absorbed that energy turns into heat and that is how you are able to cook or heat the food in your microwave.

What you need to know is that microwave does not cook evenly thicker slices of food. For instance if you put something as thick as chicken is, you may have a problem with it, because microwave will not be able to cook every part evenly and may not reach temperature that is high enough to kill bacteria or any other organism that is inside of the food you are cooking.
So there is a certain risk you might get any disease. When it comes to safety of this gadget, like we already said, some people think it is highly dangerous, because they think that the radiation we get from microwave may change the chemical structure of something that we eat.

But still, there is no 100 percent proof that will guarantee you that you may get sick or anything else if you are eating food from microwave.

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