A guide for beginners on Organic Food Gardening

A guide for beginners on Organic Food Gardening

The new thing going around is Organic Food Gardening and a lot of us would like to tinker with. But it's not as easy as we think. Some people get confused with the real meaning of organic food, so in short, Organic Food Gardening is the best way to grow vegetables as you won’t be using artificial and harmful chemicals. We have all heard news where many people have fallen ill after eating vegetables that would have been sprayed with pesticides. In organic food, you won't be using such harmful pesticides and it will be all natural. This is the only reason why organic foods are a big seller in the market.

The main key to success when it comes to organic gardening is the Soil of the garden. If the soil is not rich in nutrients, it will be next to impossible to grow anything on it besides weeds. After the soil, you need the most important ingredient, the Seeds. The seeds should be natural and not genetically modified. How much of organic would the plant be if the seed is genetically modified, right? Besides these, you will require a proper supply of clean water and ample sunshine.

Another tip for beginners would be to start small. If you go big with the intention of having many plants planted, there may be chances that you can get disappointed if something goes wrong.

Before you plant, it is advised that you do research and see the requirements of that plant. You need to know the kind of weather it requires, the time span it requires to grow as different plans have different growing requirements and failure to realize this can give you a setback.

Since your garden is supposed to be organic, DON'T use any synthetic chemical fertilizers that will help your grow. Have patience and it will take you a long way


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