Flavanones in organic fruit juices can prevent diseases caused by obesity

Flavanones in organic fruit juices can prevent diseases caused by obesity

Obesity has become a weighty issue for many. The lifestyles most people are living are leaving them predisposed to being overweight and eventually obese. Obesity is a hard condition to reverse. Complex dietary and exercise requirements will be difficult to maintain. It is suitable to do something while being overweight and not wait until you are obese.

Citric fruits are full of necessary vitamins that will help maintain a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients. Studies have shown that citrus flavanones will prevent or delay the chronic diseases that are a result of obesity. Being relatively overweight or being outright obese increases the risk of developing heart and liver diseases and diabetes. This is as a result of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Fruits can help in a myriad of ways. They can be eaten fresh, juiced, or cooked. Fresh fruits and organic fruit juices provide the much-needed detoxification of the body. Obese people do not have the ability to fight off the fat cells and makes the body goes into a state of oxidative stress. Obese people have enlarged fat cells that can add to the release of the oxygen and cause more oxidation stress.

Fresh fruits have many antioxidants referred to as flavanones. New studies have come to ascertain that flavanones found in citrus fruits and other tropical fruits have the ability to reduce and, in time, lower the oxidative stress. A team of scientists at the Universidade Estadual Paulista in Brazil is spearheading the new research. Their focus is how much one should consume to get regular detoxification. More studies need to be done to shed more light on this topic to have a clear understanding of the effects of flavanones on the human body.

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