Garden Plant Residue Will Enhance Your Garden

Garden Plant Residue Will Enhance Your Garden

Gardening is a fun and exciting pursuit. It requires attention and physical intervention, but this is not at all very tiring. Probably because of the pleasure that one can get while gardening, the entire procedure becomes leisure.

However, just having the right tools and seedlings does not make you ready for gardening. You must know the kind of soil that will be ideal for your home grown vegetables. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a cent to have good soil. You can actually make use of garden plant residue to have an enhanced garden.

If you already have an existing garden, make it a point to leave some plants when you harvest. Keep the ones you leave in the garden over the winter. These plants will turn into plant litter or what is called garden plant residue.

The residue can help enhance your garden in a number of ways. This so-called "plant litter" can prevent erosion. It also maintains the quality of your topsoil. The same also protects your soil from crusting. Plant residue can help keep the aesthetics of your garden because it prevents weeds from taking hold. The residue also becomes the shade that regulates the temperature of the soil. This makes the soil remain dampish. Another benefit that can be acquired from using plant residue is the formation of micro-habitats in the garden soil, which generates positive impact on growing seeds.

Keeping your garden soil rich only takes a little effort. Make it a habit to use plant residue not just to make your garden look better but also to make it more productive.

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