Wild Siberian Pine Nuts

Wild Siberian Pine Nuts

A big movement within the last ten years has been a conscious focus on the types of food we eat and the nutrition they provide. Fast food companies like McDonald’s are struggling, while concepts that promote natural food like Panera Bread are flourishing. Supplements are a big part of this as well, with everything from fish oil to Magnesium helping us improve our wellness.

Wild Siberian Pine Nuts are the next big product to come out of this movement as they are surging in popularity, and for good reason. These pine nuts provide many benefits and have a long history of medicinal use in both Russian and Chinese cultures. They provide a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients, making them very close to a complete food. Aside from those benefits, Siberian Pine Nuts also help aid digestion, and improve circulation. They are useful for treating ailments like IBS, acid reflux, and ulcers.

You can purchase Siberian Pine Nuts online in raw form, but the more popular way to enjoy their benefits is to get oil made from the nut. Much like olive oil, you can cook with it, or sprinkle it on foods, such as salads. It can also be taken by the spoonful, preferably after a meal three times a day.

Most vitamin and whole foods stores should carry some form of the product. If it proves difficult to find, you can always buy it online at the usual sources like Amazon and eBay. Just make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable seller with trustworthy sourcing of the ingredient.  

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