A Standing Pose Asana in Yoga for making body strong

A Standing Pose Asana in Yoga for making body strong

let’s get started with the a Yoga poses and get back in shape in just three weeks!! 

Follow this yoga pose for a minimum of 3 times every week. Hold back every move for 10 seconds and keep on taking deep breaths. For quick results, hold every move for 30 seconds at least and keep on increasing the same with time.   


•    Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandraasana): How to Perform?

1.    Stand in a straight position keeping your feet together.
2.    Raise your hands that high so that they cross over your head, join your hands, stretch your body as if you can touch the ceiling. 
3.    Exhale, slowly start bending from your hips to sideways, hands together, elbows should be straight, body should not bend forward
4.    If you are feeling the stretch from fingertips to thighs then, you are doing it right
5.    Inhale, again get to the standing straight position, do the same on other side

This pose assists to shape up your butt, inner thighs and upper body. The side stretch helps in burning up that stubborn fat accumulated around your waistline. 

NOTE: This yoga pose is not recommended for the people who are suffering from digestive disorders, high blood pressure or spine injury. It may be dangerous to them, so please take medical advice before starting any yoga pose. 


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