Obesity And Controlling Obesity Is The Biggest Lifestyle Problem Today In The World

Obesity And Controlling Obesity Is The Biggest Lifestyle Problem Today In The World

The problem of obesity and the assortment of disorders it brings with itself is alarming in itself. The problem is compounded by the realization that two in every three US citizens is either overweight or obese. The figures have been confirmed by studies conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The studies involved over 15,200 people from all walks of life in the age group of 25-50.

The study revealed that about 75 per cent of men in the study and more than 67 per cent of women in the group were obese. The per cent age has increased. Studies conducted in 1988-94 show 63 per cent of men and 55 per cent of women to be in the grips of obesity. Obviously, the numbers have gone up. A change in lifestyle is seen as the obvious and apparent cause of the increase.

The problem assumes graver proportions when one considers the fact that several serious health issues could emanate from being obese. A heart disorder may be lying waiting for you if you are obese, or it could be sleep apnea or it might even be depression. In the extreme case, death awaits you.

Problems related to being overweight need surgical intervention now. The incidence of such problems has increased over time. It is being found more and more common in children of a young age. People cannot seem to control the urge to eat. The problem of obesity is going to break all records. It is going to be the leading cause of deaths in the US. It is more scary than cancer or smoking.




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